About Priscilla

Priscilla Daniels is a self-taught artist originally from California now residing in Las Vegas, NV with her daughter and fiancé. She is inspired to paint images that emulate the people, transitions and different landscapes and environments that she has encountered along her life’s journey.


“With art, I found something that would not give up on me no matter what. Art has supported me; gave encouragement and reassurance to my thoughts, emotions and provided resilience.”

 Upon creating, Priscilla sometimes starts working without having any idea of what she will end up with but, there are times that a piece of paper and a pen is a starting point. Priscilla writes down words on paper which reflect what she would like a piece to represent. There might be one or two words, or there could be 100. From there, she sketches imagery relevant to her written words and continues to execute the emotions and ideas visualized.

 “As a child, I would climb with paper and a pen or pencil to a high place like up a tree or on a roof. There, up high, I could reach solitude; a place where I could record my world as I saw it as well as how I wished to see it. I could sketch the birds and the shadows; the leaves from the trees. I could also sketch my future and the people I wanted to meet, places I wanted to go, and the house I wanted to someday live in.”

 Although Priscilla has been told by some viewers that her paintings are in category with symbolism and expressionism works, she has also experimented with different mediums over the last couple of years – helping her to unveil new ideas for the work she produces.   Priscilla enjoys experimenting with new mediums, colors and subjects as they come to her.

 “As my environment continues to change and life surprises me with new gifts of inspiration and new perspectives, the shapes, images, colors, textures and subjects in my creativity continue to change as well.”

  Besides Priscilla’s passion for art she is currently writing a memoir.